Edimax BR-6428NC N300 Router

Are you fed up with the feeble or poor signals and not sure, you have to need a router, range extender, and access point? In this case, the Edimax BR-6428NC N300 Router is the best solution for fixing this problem. It comes into the 3 in 1 most advanced wireless devices category. This also furnishes stable performance with the most pleasing network connection. In addition, the Edimax BR-6428NC is natively a Multi-Function Wi-Fi Router. It supports the WISP BR-6428nC connection which is almost able to share an internet connection from a wireless ISP access point. You can easily transform this system into a wired or wireless network connection for considerable users in your small home or office.

It is built-up with the most advanced & latest generation green technology. The BR-6428nC WiFi router expressly works with 30% less power as compared to other mediocre 300Mbps wireless routers. It works only on the router mode that is especially enabled for the guest network devices. It provides expanded internet connectivity, especially while offering its network for all guest devices from your preliminary network connection. The Edimax N300 WiFi router setup is too simple and you can immediately use this system network on your devices. Moreover, you can use this wireless router as an access point and as a range extender, just need to configure the settings.

Extraordinary steps for the Edimax BR-6428NC Setup

Are you thinking of the Edimax BR-6428NC WiFi Router setup? If yes, then here are some elaborating guides to the Edimax N300 WiFi router installation. Let’s emulate it.

  • Unbox it and take all the Edimax BR-6428NC Router accessories.
  • It brings the BR‐6428nC (9dBi Antenna x 2), Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, CD-ROM, Quick Installation Guide, etc.
  • Familiarized with all the installation safety instructions by using the Edimax br-6428nc user manual.
  • After this, you need to place and plug the device into the wall outlet.
  • So, place it closer to your mediocre modem and connect it with the power supply using the power adapter.
  • Its signal LED light has been flashed with its signal light that shows this system work status. Let’s check the work status and go ahead.
  • Connect its network into your ideal devices, when the WLAN connection signal light blinks the light which shows the Wi‐Fi is active.
  • Now, connect to edimax router internet with your diverse internet-enabling devices.

Know the Edimax BR-6428NC status through its versatile signal LED lights

These are the following signal status lights, that show the several activities status. It is such as:


If the Edimax BR-6428NC power LED signal light flash blinks, it indicates your router is working. When it’s off that indicates that your wireless router is off.


If the WLAN signal light is On, it means the Wi‐Fi is active or also the WPS is active. When the signal light is just flashing, that means the Wi‐Fi activity is in progress to transfer data. If this is Off, it means the Wi‐Fi is not active.


When the WAN light is On, it means the WAN port is connected. If the flashing, it means the WAN activity is progressing. In case, if it’s Off, it means the WAN port is not connected.

4. LAN LED STATUS (1 to 4)

The Edimax N300 WiFi router LED signal light is On that means the Ethernet port is connected to a network device. When it’s flashing, it shows the LAN activity. If this is Off, this shows the Ethernet port is not connected to a network device.

Edimax BR-6428NC 3-in-1 Multi-Function Router works as a Wi-Fi Extender or AP

There are the following steps for using the Edimax BR-6428NC N300 Router as a range extender or access point. It’s all mentioned below.

  • Make sure the BR-6428NC multi-function Wi-Fi router connects to a mediocre modem to work as a range extender or AP.
  • Your router may access your modem the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz wireless frequency connection.
  • To use the Edimax BR-6428NC router as an access point, just connect your ideal device with your existing router ethernet cable connection.
  • It gives wired and wireless dual-band internet access, especially for your internet-enabled devices.
  • If you will use the Edimax BR-6428NC WiFi router as a range extender, then unite your range extender to your existing WiFi router. Obtain the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks to repeat their wireless signal network between your home and all congested locations.

Steps for the Edimax BR-6428NC N300 Router Configuration

There are the following steps for the Edimax revolutionary IQ setup wizard. All specific points are given below.

  • Use any smartphone, computer, laptop, etc. and move into the settings section.
  • After this, designate the network & WiFi settings and choose the Edimax.setup to connect your system with the network.
Steps for the Edimax BR-6428NC N300 Router Login

Here are the amazing attributes for the Edimax BR-6428NC login, it’s all described below.

  • Launch a browser and locate Edimax default IP address is 192.168. 2.1 or http: //edimax.setup login address.
  • Wait for a second, the Edimax admin page is loading now. When it shows on your computer screen then you will type in the Edimax login username and password into the appearing login box.
  • Put the Edimax default password into the password field. Also, put the username into the field of admin.
  • Click on the Edimax login option to finish the process.
  • If your device is not logged in, in this case, you will just check your typed Edimax router IP address.
  • Because, it is most valuable to log in to the device, kindly enter the correct IP.
  • Afterwards, move on to the edimax setup wizard page by using the www.edimax.setup login to configure the settings of this networking setting.
  • Click on the Get started option and choose the access point mode, then click on the next option.
  • Set the IP address and network name (SSID) & Wi-Fi password. Follow the on-screen instructions and set up and Click on eventually “next” option & save all applying settings for the Edimax router setup.

Edimax BR-6428NC N300 Router Troubleshooting tips

Below are the exhaustive attributes are mentioned to fix the several occurring issues of this Edimax Wireless router, it is such as:

  • If you face the edimax router login problem like Edimax router IP not loaded, the web page shows server down the error, etc. then, in this case, you should wait for a while and explore for the Edimax admin page again. Make sure it is searching now, if it is not loading update your browser and reconnect the internet connection. Surely, these ways help you to fix the device login issues.
  • The Edimax BR-6428NC not working then, first of all, check the signal LED light. If it’s not flash that means your device is not properly installed. You need to install this system again, so install it and wait for a minute. If its signal light flashes, it means this is working correctly.
  • In case, if the Edimax N300 does not connect after the setup, then you need to reset the edimax router reset. After resetting the Edimax router factory default settings, you need to connect its network again to your ideal device. So, connect it again and use its network for your work.
  • When it shows the edimax router has no internet connection and the edimax router does not connect to the internet, just press the Edimax reset button by using a pin. Press the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds and release it after fifteen seconds. When its LAN or WLAN signal light will be flashing with the colorful signal light. It means this works yet suitably.

Edimax BR-6428NC N300 Router Review

Are you thinking of getting an impeccable wireless router that has all the advanced device features? In these stipulations, you should use the Edimax BR-6428nC Wi-Fi router. It can work as a wireless router (router mode), access point (AP mode) or range extender. You need to just configure the Edimax wireless router mode settings. Moreover, you can also use the network smart iQ setup wizard and experience exploring the web services. The Edimax N300 Wi-Fi router setup must be easily done with its WPS function with your range extender. Just, press the WPS button and establish a one-click setup into your all WPS supportive devices. If you are looking for this device, then check the Edimax BR-6428NC review from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, BestBuy, etc. Also, you can check the Edimax router price including its features.

Is the edimax.setup change password?

Yes, the edimax.setup password is admin/1234. To change the Edimax default password, just move on the settings and follow the on-screen present instructions, apply it and use your new password.

How do I update the Edimax BR-6428NC firmware?

Move on to the admin page and search http://edimax.com. Login to the device and access the Edimax router setup page. After this, designate the support option and download the new version of the firmware.

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