Edimax BR-6428NS V4

The Edimax BR-6428NS V4 Wi-Fi Router performance is imperatively too great. It is a laudable wireless router access point and designed very ingeniously. You can use it as a wireless router and as an access point. It is a 5-in1 multi-function wireless router. Since it works with five working modes, it is WISP, Wi-Fi Router, Access Point, Wi-Fi Bridge, and Range Extender. All these methods give the high priority internet connection for your multifarious WiFi-enabling devices. If you need impeccable internet data for your network environment then you can configure the mode with the smart iQ Setup wizard.

In addition, it uses the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard wireless connection type. The Edimax N300 wifi router significantly offers 300Mbps high-speed coverage with its super-boost signal antennas. Apart from this, the Edimax BR-6428NS setup is not too hard in comparison to other devices. It is an affordable wireless router. The Edimax N300 WiFi router price is not too spendthrift. You can easily check the edimax 5-in-1 N300 wi-fi router review on amazon prior to buying it. It is loaded with too many features like the setup is automatic, installation is quick, support Multi-SSID & VLAN, guest network, Edimax’s Revolutionary iQoS, etc.

How does Edimax BR-6428NS V4 work?

Below are some exhaustive steps that are demonstrated in order. So, let’s know through these points how it works.

1. Edimax BR-6428NS N300 Wi-Fi Router Installation

Following are the steps are demonstrated below which provides a guide about “How to install the Edimax BR-6428NS wireless router?”. Let’s use it and install your device.

  • First, you need to take out from its packaging box Quick Installation Guide, Edimax V4 N300 Wi-Fi Router, Edimax BR-6428NS V4 manual, Power adapter or Charger, Ethernet cable, and future Accessories.
  • You must read the imperative info through its manual prior to use.
  • Now, you will place it and plug it into the electrical socket. It has a 5V DC power port, so connect it with your device power adapter to another endpoint.
  • Please wait until the power LEDs are lit.
  • Ensure that it is flash. If it’s flash then you will use a WiFi enabling device.
  • Go in WiFi settings

Thus, the Edimax BR-6428NS V4 installation process has been successfully ended. In case, the Edimax N300 WiFi router is not working then you would reinstall it. It shall work precisely after this.

2. Steps for Edimax BR-6428NS V4 N300 Wi-Fi Router Login

Here are the points mentioned below to the Edimax N300 Wi-Fi Router Access Point login. It is such as:

  • First of all, launch the browser on your computer.
  • Locate through browser URL or http://edimax.setup.
  • Please wait, the edimax.setup login page is appearing on your computer windows.
  • After this, click on the get started option to begin the Edimax setup process.
  • But first, you will access the Edimax admin account.
  • Enter in the Edimax N300 login username and default password.
  • Ensure that it is correct and move ahead.
  • Finally, click on the Edimax BR-6428NS login option.

Hence, the Edimax Edimax BR-6428NS N300 Router login process is completed. Now, you have to set the device settings.

3. Edimax BR-6428NS V4 Setup

Here are the following steps to the Edimax BR-6428NS WIFi router configuration.

  • To the Edimax setup, you will have to first access edimax.setup login page.
  • After the login, click on the “Get Started” option.
  • Now, you have to choose the Edimax N300 default router mode. (Note: Edimax router BR-6228NS V4 default router mode can be accessed by you till your router connects with the modem via ethernet cable.)

How do I set the WiFi router mode in Edimax BR-6428NS V4 N300 Wi-Fi Router?

Through the WiFi default router mode, you might access the wireless or wired connection in your wireless device. One of the vital things for this, make sure your router is connected with a modem. Then, emulate these steps to enable it.

  • Initially, you have to go into the Edimax iQ Setup wizard page.
  • After this, choose your Edimax V4 WiFi access point internet connection type.
  • It detects your internet connection type and walks you through the Edimax N400 V4 Setup page step-by-step or you may also apply the settings manually instead of following the proper setup process.
  • Modify the Edimax router settings manually, but this method is only preferred for advanced users.
  • To the Edimax WiFi router mode setup, you will connect the Edimax router with your modem’s LAN port using the internet cable.
  • Please wait for a jiff, the internet is connecting now. The processing procedure will be shown on your computer screen.
  • Now, the Edimax BR-6228NS V2 setup procedure is finished. You will configure the network settings. Enter your Edimax router SSID and password.
  • It may give you a 2.4Ghz frequency band network via the WiFi router mode. After the configuration it will show your device network status. Confirm it and click on next.

What should I do to configure the Edimax N300 access point setup?

In this method, you need to connect your device with the existing router using an internet cable. It gives the 2.4Ghz band network. So, let’s apply the setting to use it.

  • First, you have to select the Edimax BR-6428NS V4 Router access point mode.
  • After this, attach the Edimax WiFi access point BR-6428NS V4 LAN port with your existing router LAN port.
  • Meanwhile, you will select one from “Use following IP address” or “obtain an Edimax IP address spontaneously”.
  • In case you are using an Edimax router static IP then you should enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
  • After this, click on the next options and follow on-screen info to use the 2.4Ghz band network through access point mode.
  • The BR-6428NS V4 wireless router is available for use.

What are the steps to use the Edimax BR-6428NS V4 router Range Extender Mode?

Your Edimax V4 router connects wirelessly to your existing 2.4Ghz network and repeats its signal. Here are the following steps to use the range extender mode of the Edimax router.

  • First of all, choose the Edimax range extender mode.
  • Make sure your existing router is placed within range.
  • After this, select the Edimax Wi-Fi network name which you would like to unite to for selected frequency and delve into the next page.
  • You will type in the security key field your existing router security key or password.
  • Wait for a jiff and test the Edimax router wireless connection.
  • Then, emulate the on-screen manifesting instructions and enable the range extender mode to use it.
  • In the end, save all the Edimax V4 settings.

How do I enable the Edimax BR-6428NS Wireless Bridge mode?

The Wireless bridge mode is connected to your gaming consoles, media player, TV, etc. with the Edimax N300 network through the Ethernet connection. But still, it works as a wireless receiver. It offers its network to get through the Wi-Fi network mode.

  • Firstly, click on Get started option and choose the edimax n300 mini wi-fi extender/access point/wifi bridge mode.
  • If you would like to use wireless bridge mode then click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen mentioning information to complete the Edimax BR-6428NS N300 Wi-Fi Router setup procedure.
  • It might successfully finish if you are-applies the configuration process impeccably.

How Can I use the Edimax BR-6428NS V4 N300 Wi-Fi Router WISP mode?

The Edimax N300 BR-6428NS V4 connects wirelessly to your wireless internet service provider. After this, provide your devices with a 2.4Ghz band network. So, if you would like to use this method then apply the following steps.

  • Firstly, access the Edimax setup wizard _getstart asp.
  • Click on WISP mode, after a jiff the dialogue box appears on your Windows.
  • Make sure the BR-6428NS V4 Wi-Fi Router is within range of your WISP network.
  • After that, go ahead and detect the Edimax router wireless connection type kindly succeed on the www edimax setup get started option.
  • After delving into the Edimax setup page, you will select the WISP SSID.
  • Enter the password or security key of the existing router and wait until the network connection test is finished.
  • When it’s finished then you have to enter the SSID or password to get the 2.4Ghz band network.
  • Now, the Edimax BR-6428NS Setup procedure is successfully finished.

Is the Edimax BR-6428NS able to set it up with WPS?

Yes, it can be set up through WPS. To use the Edimax WPS setup method, kindly locate it. After this, hold this button for around 2-5 seconds. The WLAN LED will illuminate to show that the WPS mode is active. After a while, kindly hold the WPS button contained by your wireless client to activate its WPS method. Now, it is ready to transmit the internet to your other device.

Edimax BR-6428NS N300 Wi-Fi Router Troubleshooting

Following are the Edimax V4 N300 Router Troubleshooting tricks & tips to fixing its occurring issue. These tricks are such as:

  • You might cope with the edimax BR-6228NS V4 not working easily. Just, you need to Edimax BR-6428NS reconfiguration. Hopefully, it is fixed after the reinstallation process.
  • Generally, the Edimax V4 N300 wifi extender has no internet connection problem, causing it to be effective due to setting up the device in a hurry. As a result, it manifests the issue. So, please politely configure the device to get rid of this issue.
  • In the case of the edimax.setup 5Ghz not working. You would simply reset the settings and enable the 5Ghz band mode again to use it.
  • If you are not able to get the edimax.setup N300 setup wizard page kindly reset your Edimax N300 factory default settings. You must use the correct Edimax default IP to get the setup page.

How to reset the Edimax BR-6428NS V4 Router?

  • First of all, locate the Edimax N300 setup reset button on your router panel.
  • Press on the Edimax N300 reset button to the edimax N300 factory reset.
  • So, press it until the signal light initiates flash.
  • After a jiff, please release the Edimax router reset button when the power LED is flashing.
  • Now, you have to wait for a second up to its restart. It is available for setup when its power LED seems to be on.
  • Now, the Edimax BR-6428NS factory reset procedure has been completed.

Edimax BR-6428NS V4 Review

The Edimax BR-6428NS N300 Wi-Fi Router delivers a high-performance internet connection. You can use the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz band network through this router with five methods. Essentially, the wireless router works as an access point, WISP mode, range extender mode, Wi-Fi bridge mode, and router mode. All the methods are reliable to get the high signal range. If you would like to use these methods then you have to read all the details from the Edimax BR-6428NS manual guide. After reading all its manual instructions you might use it very easily. Moreover, the design of the Edimax V4 router is almost great. It is a compatible wireless router.

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