Edimax BR-6208AC V2 Router

The Edimax BR-6208AC V2 Router exclusively provides a dual-band (2.4GHz+5GHz) 150Mbps high-speed network including some (N150) multi-function. It’s almost compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards routers, access points, and any modem, etc. This is mostly helpful to providing significantly more and suitable improved coverage with a smart 5dBi antenna. The BR-6208AC router operates with next-generation V2AC750 technology and it is useful for providing the flexibility of enjoyable surfing while you have to use networking applications.

Similarly, the Edimax BR-6208ac router setup is quickly completed by smart iQ setup and
Apart from this, it can be set up with the WPS button wizard makes setup very easy. Therefore, simply installing it is according to quick installation guide instructions with ease as a few clicks. Its thorough performance is very impressive and every user who wants an affordable price device can purchase the BR-6228nS V2 wifi router for home or small office places.

Edimax BR-6208AC V2 Router Installation

Before you begin the Edimax BR-6208AC V2 Router Installation please kindly unbox it and then install it. Here are some step-by-step installation guides which are given below.

(i) Unbox the Edimax wifi router from its packaging box:
  • Firstly, take all the necessary items from the Edimax V2AC750 WiFi router packaging box.
  • Take the Edimax BR-6208ac v2 wifi router and keep this router in an optical or in an opened ventilating area.
  • After this, also check and take the Ethernet Cable, Edimax V2 quick installation guide, power adapter, Edimax BR-6208AC V2 manual, and CD-ROM.
(ii) Edimax BR-6208AC V2AC750 WiFi router Installation:
  • Using the power adapter, join the device’s DC power port and plug the power adapter into the electric wall sockets.
  • Now, also join your main modem LAN port with the router’s port by using the Ethernet cable.
  • Afterward, ensure that the Edimax Wi-Fi power On & Off switch is set to on properly.
  • If altogether power is on that means it is properly configured like check the three LED power light, power button.
  • Also, check that your device is providing a network of which frequency like the 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi network that is also displayed on the device gateway.
(iii) Connecting the BR-6208AC V2AC750 WiFi router with various wifi enabling devices
  • After configuring your device, it is ready to provide the wifi network.
  • Simply, use Wi-Fi enabling devices such as Laptop, computer, tablet, PC, smartphone, or more to use your V2AC750 device Wi-Fi network.
  • To connect and use the edimax wifi router network then go into the network settings.
  • After that, choose a wifi setting and then find your device name.
  • Then, enter the SSID “edimax.setup login” and password to connect to it.

Thus, the Edimax router BR-6208AC (V2AC750) installation process is altogether finished now. By using these above steps also try to connect your several wifi enabling devices with it.

Edimax BR-6208AC (V2AC750) WiFi Router Login

Now, if you have connected your network to your computer, then you are now able to login in. Thereafter, you can follow the below steps for the Edimax BR-6208AC login.

  • Firstly, open a web surfing device that automatically arrives and searches your entering address easily.
  • Similarly, you can also use your PC’s various applications (Safari, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, or more) to surf the address.
  • Simply, type in the URL http://edimax.setup or Edimax router default IP address.
  • Then, search for it.
  • After searching it the Edimax router login box pops up on the PC screen with two login credentials such as Edimax router default password or admin username.
  • Fill both of their credentials in the login box fields (these credentials also display on its packaging box).
  • Finally, click on the “Edimax V2AC750 WiFi router login” option.

Eventually, your surfing application will now get started to begin the setup process. Thus, complete the setup process by following the below given Edimax router setup process.

Edimax br-6208ac v2 manual

The Edimax wireless router comes with several necessary items like Ethernet Cable, Edimax V2 quick installation guide, power adapter, Edimax BR-6208AC V2 manual, and CD-ROM. These all items are very useful for accessing the Edimax wifi access point network. There is also an Edimax BR-6208ac manual from those items which gives a lot of information on how to use the Edimax BR-6208ac router? How to reset the Edimax BR-6208ac router? Update the Edimax BR-6208ac firmware? Edimax app for managing the Edimax BR-6208ac? How to edimax BR-6208ac reset password? Wireless Bridge Mode in Edimax BR-6208ac wifi router? How to connect the Edimax BR-6208ac router with Alexa?. Moreover, if you have to face any problem regarding using it and want to get something different from the information of the Edimax manual then you can get it from here.

Edimax BR-6208AC V2 Router Setup

Ordinally, the Edimax wifi router V2AC750 setup process is completed after the login. Below are some steps for the Edimax wifi router setup.

  • After login, choose a mode (Wi-Fi Router Mode, Range Extender Mode, wireless bridge mode, access point mode, or WISP mode) for the BR-6208AC V2 router ( to use it in default or different mode wifi router mode.
  • After choosing it, follow the presenting on-screen instructions to complete the Edimax router setup.
  • To complete the setup with iQ (detect the internet connection type) setup, then click on the “setup wizard iQ” option which is also displayed on the PC screen.
  • Simply, click on the next option and walk you through to complete your edimax router V2 setup and complete your device setup by following the step-by-step guide according to on-screen instructions.
  • After that, complete the Edimax V2 router setup and connect its network to your several wifi-enabled devices.

So, these are some steps for the Edimax BR-6208AC V2 Router Setup. By using the above steps you can also manage your device.

Edimax BR-6208AC V2 Router Troubleshooting

Many times, the Edimax BR-6208AC wireless router causes various types of issues. To fix the Edimax V2 wifi router all issues follow the given troubleshooting guide.

  • To fix the Edimax BR-6208AC not working, then first you have to be sure that all of your all network accessing wires like power cord, power adapter, or Ethernet cable are attached to your edimax router properly. You can attach it again, these are wires and solve your router problem.
  • If your Edimax BR-6208AC V2 Router is not connecting to wifi, then change or move your router location and get the proper network connection in another location.
  • Moreover, if the Edimax BR-6208AC LED does not blink, then follow manual troubleshooting instructions to solve it.
  • Apart from this, to fix the Edimax BR-6208AC IP address that is not working, then firstly again connect your device with the internet and then search it again.
  • To solve the Edimax BR-6208AC network slow connection, kindly update it with the new version and also get the 5GHz band frequency network to get the higher frequency network.

Thus, after using some troubleshooting guide you can solve your router’s various problems and get your Edimax BR-6208AC wifi router without causing any issue.

Edimax BR-6208AC V2 Router Review

I have been looking for a networking device that can provide a good range in all my houses without using any extender. So, I discovered such a device on Amazon some time ago, so I got a lot of positive responses or Edimax BR-6208AC reviews. So, I also thought about why I should also use this device, then I also bought this router. I installed it very easily, just with the help of a manual, I did not take much time to install it. I am very happy with this and very satisfied with this device. Despite this, many people asked me about such a device, so I gave the Edimax BR-6208AC router review for it.


Q1.How to use the Edimax BR-6208ac router?

Ordinally, you can use the edimax wifi router in several modes like Wi-Fi Router Mode, access point mode, Range Extender Mode, wireless bridge mode, or WISP mode. Just choose any one mode and use it.

Q2. How does the Edimax BR-6208ac router reset the password?

Simply, walking through the settings password reset option, change your edimax wifi router password by following the on-screen instructions.

Q3. How to update the Edimax BR-6208ac firmware?

The firmware updating process is helpful to disposing of the networking router’s various issues and also helpful for adding some new features. So, update it through the setting.

Q4. Edimax app for managing the Edimax BR-6208ac?

To use the Edimax app, firstly install and download the Edimax app from the play store app. After installing it, follow on-screen instructions to use it.

Q5. How to Edimax BR-6208ac reset?

Firstly, find the Edimax BR-6208ac factory reset button which is on the back panel of it. Using any pin or object, hold it for fifteen seconds and leave it.

Q6. Wireless Bridge Mode in Edimax BR-6208ac wifi router?

The bridge mode is usually helpful for connecting the TV, online lag-free gaming console, Alexa, or media player. Simply, access the wifi network with an Ethernet cable.

Q7. Connect the Edimax BR-6208ac router with Alexa?

Install the Alexa app on your mobile, then pair both of the devices. You can also pair your Edimax router and Alexa by using the USB port connection.

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